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This Privacy Policy is part of a contract between you and the owner of Decisive Coding (referred to in this agreement as the "Owner," "we," or "us"), pursuant to use of the the website (the "Website").

We make no effort to personally identify users of the Website. No identifying data is collected from the Website or disclosed to any third party for any purpose. Non-identifying data that we collect in connection with the Website is used only for server administration and the general operation of the Website. The foregoing does not apply to email sent to contact email addresses listed on the Website or through the contact functionality provided by the Website, which may contain personally identifiable information, and which we will use solely as necessary to respond to the applicable email.

We log http requests to the Website. As a result, we are aware of the originating IP address of a machine requesting a Website URL. We do not log the specific identity of visitors. We may analyze our log files to determine how the Website is being used. Logged information is kept indefinitely as administrative and research material, but it is not disclosed other than to the Owner's personnel. Aggregate, non-identifiable statistics generated from our logs may be used for research purposes.

The Privacy Policy is incorporated into and subject to the full terms of service for the Website.

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