• Application Development

    Application Development

    Decisive Coding can accommodate application development projects in any web-based, mobile or desktop environment. While PHP (in conjunction with HTML and CSS for web development) is the most prevalent programming language used in our consulting projects, additional work has been performed in C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, and Visual Basic.


  • Code Rescue

    Code Rescue

    Development projects get abandoned all the time. Developers come and go, and when they go, projects are often left behind in an unfinished state, or with little information about how they function. New developers may be reluctant to learn about or work on a project that they did not initiate. The result? Code abandonment; you as a business owner are unable to make corrections or improvements to your application because no one is familiar with how it works. That's where Decisive Coding can help: we can spelunk through even the worst "spaghetti code" in a project and learn how it works. Then, having learned the ins & outs of it, we can help update that project to better fit your current needs.


  • Database Design and Optimization

    Database Design and Optimization

    Information drives everything in modern applications. Knowing how to effectively store and retrieve information critical to your business is crucial to the success of any development project. Relational databases, using the SQL query language, are the standard for information storage and are the bread & butter of Decisive Coding. We can assist with schema design, index optimization, query development, and stored routine programming. Additional items of common interest include ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load operations), replication (particularly in MySQL) and advanced reporting.


  • Geographic Colocation

    Geographic Colocation

    Building a successful data center for your business means eliminating single points of failure. Once you've accomplished that, the next logical step is to eliminate the single point of geographic failure, so that you're not subject to local disasters (think massive power outages, or internet service disruptions). The challenges of keeping multiple data centers in sync across widely separated geographic regions are manifold and can be overwhelming at first. But experience is a huge ally, and Decisive Coding definitely has the know-how to help your business tackle geographic colocation.


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